Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The day is here!

I apologize for those reading this that think I am going to announce the birth of the baby already. In an unfair turn of events I am awake at midnight and feel the need for one last blog. This is unfair because a.) it is midnight so I can't even eat or drink, b.) I can basically hear the whole house snoring (not basically, I CAN) and c.) this is my last night of "sleep" before the baby in 7.5 hours. Oddly enough, I must confess that I am most upset about the eating or drinking thing. Anyhow, I guess for now I will sit here wondering how long I will be awake - which over the past month or so has been what I do every night. Again, not really sure why I am blogging about this so give me a break and know that the next post will be about the "new baby" as he or she has come to be known.


Elizabeth said...

Thinking about you today!

Owings Family said...

It is 7:45 and I am patiently waiting! Eli and I prayed for Baby Griff's safe and complication-free entry into this world this morning.