Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday Jude and I picked Ella up from school, went to the park, went to Sonic to get Jonathan a drink, took it to work for him, came home and the kids and I made pizzas. The reason I am telling you what all I did is because it was not until all those things were done, dinner was finished, the kitchen was clean and Jonathan came home from work - 7:00...that I realized that Ella had worn her pants backwards all day (button, zipper, pockets - everything) ! I laughed so hard that it made Ella cry. I did check her pants this morning though.


The Nesbitt's said...

See what happens when you have three kids:) However, I am sure Ella will never let it happens again.

Jenny said...

Lucy played soccer on Saturday with her shorts inside out! :)

Jana Thomas said...

That is really funny! But poor Ella... all of us laughing at her expense.