Monday, September 1, 2008

A sweltering day with Thomas

All Aboard!
There was fighting so Jude had to be moved!
Watching the world go by
LP Field
CertificateSee ya Thomas!
Jude HOT and unhappy!

Well, Stoney was nice enough to get us tickets to see Thomas the Train. We went relatively early (10:00 am) in hopes of it not being as hot. We were so wrong. Tonya, Mike, Kaidan, Robin, BJ, Ethan, Carmen, Lofton and Landon met us there. It was really, really hot and we did get to take an a/c ride in a train car which was nice and cool and then we waited in line for about 30 mins to get our picture made with Thomas only to see him pull off to take the next riders right before our turn. It was all UPHILL after that. Jude was not very happy seeing Thomas leave (I think the heat had much to do with it). He cried from downtown until we got him lunch in Rivergate. The day after Thomas his memories were great. He said he had so much fun and wanted to go back.