Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Very Merry Christmas

Last night we made it over for the big Christmas Party - it was crowded! We did get to see the show in front of the castle, the Christmas Parade and the big fireworks spectacular with special guest Tinkerbell that ziplined through (I think she does that every fireworks show but Ella and Jude loved it). Afterwards we went and rode Dumbo, Snow White (again), Peter Pan and It's a Small World. By that time it was 11 and Jude was asleep so the adults went over to Space Mountail where there was no wait. When we came out Ella was asleep (lucky for us my mom does not like roller coasters and watched both kids) and we headed on out. It was alot of fun but I think we wore them out. They both wore their costumes but had decided on pjs by the time the fireworks were on. Today we have an early dinner with the princesses at 4:00 and the boys (Jonathan and my brother) don't feel like going to Animal Kingdom so we are giving them the day off. We will do the dinner tonight, breakfast with Mickey tomorrow and Animal Kingdom tomorrow night. Those are the tentative plans anyway so we may adjust!