Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jude's Update

Here's the picture.... Most probably know that Jude had another seizure on Saturday night. Of course after it was all said and done he was indeed running a fever. It was a bit different this time in that he did not convulse, he just collapsed down (in Wal-Mart no less). He is doing great. They did refer him to a Pediatric Neurologist and told me that he could probably get an appt. at Centennial within a week and get one with Vanderbilt in about a month. The pediatrician called me yesterday and said they had set it up - Tuesday (which is today) at Vanderbilt. I was relieved since we are leaving for Disney on Friday. He had his EEG today and did fantastic. I could not have programmed a robot to be any better. He endured having to get up at 4:30 (so did I by the way), holding still while they exfoliated and placed electrodes on his head, wrapped his head like a mummy, had him open and close his eyes, stare at some lights, blow a pinwheel for 2 mins (which is a 2 year old record by the way) and then to top it off he fell asleep on command (waking at 4:30 will do that for you). I was very proud of him. He was only allowed to sleep for 5 mins then I had to wake him up which was VERY hard. He left happy after all was said and done and is still napping (it is 5:00 pm). We don't know what the results are yet. Ella requested that I take pictures. I only got one of him on the parking garage in front of the hospital that I will have to put on later. I was too embarassed to take the camera in for documentation for my 4 year old.