Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I just spent 20 mins on the Top 10 Reasons Carmen and Amy should NOT be granted All Access passes to the Country Music Awards. However, my computer went down and I lost it. It is really late so I will save the details... I will let the pictures of the two Desperate Working Houswives speak for themselves. Sandy (whoever Sandy is) had just better be glad that she did specify that we NOT go in the greenroom because we went EVERYWHERE else! And yeah, that is Kenny Chesney.

Okay I found them but keep in mind it is late so they are really not funny...
10.) We have nothing to wear.
9.) If streets are closed off downtown we might get confused.
8.) We WILL take food from craft services
7.) ....which means we will drink from Chick-fil-a styrofoam cups during the awards while on the floor level (eating pretzels, too).
6.) I am not ashamed to take pictures of the stars with my cell phone even though no pictures are allowed - although Kimberly Paisley may think I am a stalker.
5.) Carmen is not afraid to run into Jessica Simpson - she did stop herself in time.
4.) We will sit in any empty seat.
3.) All Access means we can hang out in the media room - they did say all access.
2.) I am willing to tell anyone congratulations on their awards - although I may embarrass Carmen.
and finally....
1.) We WILL be rude and ask Kenny Chesney for a picture!

one more - We should also not be allowed all access passes because we stay out way too late and we will stay up TOO late typing on our blogpage.

As you can tell, Phillip scored us some passes to the show. It was so much fun. Instead of all access passes it should have been called too much access passes. We probably will not be allowed back!

One more side note is that behind both Carmen and I in the other pictures is Brad Paisely - that was our attempt to get our pictures made with him without didn't work out so well!