Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dinner with Cinderella

Last night was our big meal with Cinderella. I am not sure if Ella or Jude had more fun. Of course Ella loved seeing Cinderella and Prince Charming but was not so sure about the Wicked Stepmother. She stayed true to her character and Ella had on her Birthday Girl shirt so she asked if today was her birthday. When Ella said no she said she was a liar. I thought Ella was going to cry on the spot. Jude did make a friend with Anastasia. He danced with her and she gave him a big kiss. He had his Chick Magnet shirt on so she asked him if he was a chick magnet did that make her a chick. All he could do was shake is head. Apparently he is attracted to the "bad girls"....we are in for it!