Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bippity Boppity BAM!

Today was an interesting day. Uncle Joe left EARLY this morning and we sort of took it easy. We went swimming, let the kids nap (adults too) and then off to MGM - again. On the way there was the interesting event. We were rear ended by a Disney bus - driver in training. He pounded us pretty good. Nobody was hurt but we held up traffic for a while and the driver in training will probably never make it to driver status! Also, our room overlooks a pond and today we saw and otter AND an alligator! The most interesting events did not involve Mickey at all. We did have fun at MGM though.


Carmen said...

Nice headline! You could teach a thing or two to my students. You are so creative. I am glad that you weren't in your lemon. Were you on a bus, cab, or what? Carmen