Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is the best part of the circus?

I look tired - guess what? I was late.

getting a ride back to the car

what we went for!
what we loved

NO, he did not actually get any!

yep, it cost $12 for that cotton candy - and hat!

but it is gooood

The $12 cotton candy, of course!!! Oh okay, we liked the elephants too. I have to say that because the children of a diabetic dentist should not have loved the cotton candy as much as they did! Jonathan had a bottle of water. We had fun and he was a great sport!


The Nesbitt's said...

Larry went to pay for the cotton candy and gave them a five. He was appalled(spelling?). We got our tickets free and he still wouldn't buy it for her! Looking at your late night pics I am glad we went during the day, but better than shriners don't ya think?