Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

NOT ONE PICTURE was taken at the NYE party last night. We ended up graciously - really not very graciously at all - hosting the get together (per my norm, I resisted but ended up loving it). As usual, spending time with our friends was great fun. The kids were loud but the adults louder - the kids were messy, but the adults messier - the kids used potty humor, but the adults used more? - the kids played games, but the adults played MORE - the kids had fun but I am pretty sure the adults had more!

Now onto resolutions - We played a game last night where everyone wrote down a couple (some people more). Someone read them out loud then we guessed whose resolution it was. It was goofy but good for a few laughs (and insight). Anyway, today I explained to the kids what a resolution was and asked them what theirs might for 2009 here is what they said:

Ella - She is going to finish Kindergarten...I hope so. She is also going to finish her "love list". This happens to be a running list in her room of whom she loves - so far it consists of Dad, Mom, Jude, Gabe and Ally. She never gets very far because I always throw it away. I didn't know it was something she was actively working on. I guess on my list of resolutions should be to stop cleaning out her desk.

Jude - Play more with toys. Go night night and use good manners (good one Jude)!

Gabe - I am going to make Gabe's for him - learn to sit up, crawl, walk and eat solid foods for a start.

Also noted, they decided to give their future occupations while they were on a roll:

Ella - vet, fashion model and painter
Jude - doctor and fashion model (I had to convince Ella that boys could model too).


Jordan said...

I absolutly love the fact that Ellas plans on finishing kindergarten. I would hate for the Griffin family to have their first kindergarten :)