Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow = Indoor fun

Strep throat, "snow day", weekend followed by a holiday (when there was actual snow) = 5 days of indoor entertainment! The kids went out, briefly then came back in for a fashion show. Jude was actually Spiderman but then decided that dressing as "Santa's wife" was a better choice. He said her outfit was warm and cuddly and the Spiderman was itchy...he is going to love looking at these pictures later. So, I spent my morning watching a fashion show.


The Nesbitt's said...

You actually had some on the ground! Our indoor day consisted of ice skating indoors(socks and hard woods).

Owings Family said...

Yall are too creative! You should post your top ten list of indoor activities!

Jordan said...

Love Jude's outfits. Definitly one of those incriminating pictures to be filed away for his senior year book! Thanks for joining us Sunday, you guys should join us more often. You'll always find us in the same place.