Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old friends, short visit, no camera

Well, the friends are not old...in fact, several years younger than us! This past weekend Jay, Amanda and Eli came to Nashville to visit. Unfortunately with the addition of 3 children in the past 15 months, the girls did not get to visit much. The boys, however, went to play golf then we headed down to Franklin for a great dinner prepared by Mark - the chef. The kids played great. Megan's fear of balls allowed more ball time for the other kids! Eli seemed to love playing with all the kids and Ella and Jude got a kick out of a "baby" that would actually play back. Thanks for the visit Owings family and maybe the girls can go out next time and the boys can stay home with all FIVE kids...oh, and the no camera thing came from me leaving my camera at the Horne abode. I think all of my pictures are going to be dark anyway.