Saturday, March 20, 2010

What we did on Spring Break....

The boys sleeping




It started on Monday with "girl day"...only I was soooo tired (I guess I was excited about Spring Break and stayed up too late) that we had lunch together and picked up the boys comforter then headed home for a nap. Then Ella decided she would rather play with the boys - Lofton, Landon and Jude - than get a manicure, so that is what she did. On Tuesday, I worked in the morning then the boys furniture was delivered and Ella went home with our old neighbors - Emma, Clark, Gwen and Owen - for a few hours while I set the beds up (and ate lunch). Afterwards, we had manicures. Wednesday (St. Pattie's Day) was supposed to be bowling and ice skating. The bowling was fun. Lofton, Carmen and Landon met us there but the ice skating was ditched due to "synthetic ice"...the lady said it was hard to skate on and we needed no casualties. Thursday was another partial work day and then home for a picnic and off the the Melting Pot for dinner (Ella also had a birthday party that afternoon). They had fun there - Ella read the Hooter's sign as we were leaving and they both thought it was funny but had no idea why...Jude also befriended a homeless man. Friday was the prettiest day of all and we hit the zoo. I think everyone had the same was crowded (and has caused major allergy havoc on our house). After the zoo, we went to pick up tile (not really exciting for Spring Break but we did) and then to the McConnell's for Puh's dinner - chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, corn, brownies and some really good spinach dip that I ate so much of before dinner that I was not as hungry as I should have been. Friday night Lofton slept over - Jude's first sleepover guest. They all had fun, woke up and Wiied it around 1:00 (they said that it "looked" like a 7) but they did make it back to bed!


Joni said...

Ah, Phillips spinach dip. I am very jealous.