Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to the 80s

from left to right (if you need it) - Sweet Breath (and it had some in it - we sprayed it in the sink and it smelled just like 7th grade), a REAL Transformer, a cassette (yeah, we don't know what is on it because we don't have a cassette player), foldable Ferrari sunglasses, as well as glow in the dark Tom Cruise glasses, He man (and all alot of the characters), Rubix cube and Knight Rider
just a few Star Wars figures (these are not the old 70's ones - the kids already have gotten into those, these are the ones from when the movies came out the second the 90's)

Mimi and Pops came this weekend and I had asked for some more Star Wars stuff of Jonathan's for the boys room. They brought very fun things for us...the good ole toys are nothing like the toys today :)