Saturday, March 20, 2010

Student of the Month

in front of her classroom

Gabe didn't want Jude in the picture.

banana burrito

The Monday before Spring Break Ella had a note in her backpack to "the parents of Ella Griffin". The note said that there would be a PTO meeting on Thursday and that Ella would be honored as Student of the Month for December 2009. I laughed and showed Jonathan that they forgot to change the date on the letter. I said that they must have meant March. When I picked Ella up from school that Tuesday I said "we had a very exciting letter in your backpack that I just read this morning, do you know what it was about?" She said " uh, yeah - I was Student of the Month in December." Now, I am wondering how in the world she could have forgotten to tell us that. I mean I know how many times she has been hit in the head with a dodge ball, how many paper cuts she has had and what most of her friends wear...Student of the Month - not a big deal! Anyway, when she realized my mom was going to be here it turned into a much bigger occasion. We went to dinner, complete with dessert and Ella wore "celebration clothes".


Owings Family said...

Way to go Ella! AWESOME!

Barber's Blog said...

Good job Ella!