Friday, December 11, 2009


mailing off letters - Jude's was lengthy, Ella's was not.
the best of three pictures...with a paci - it is red though

cranky Gabe doesn't want anyone touching him

turtle pratice...Pops would be so proud

Well, when I was typing this post I inadvertently typed in "Satan" oops. It would have been all the same to Gabe though. He did not cry like I thought he would but he was not too happy. Sadly, the boys did not don their Christmas shirts this year (so I did my best in green "happy camper" and a red AC/DC shirt) - mainly because Jude only has one from last year that is really too small and I could not find Gabe one. I don't know what the deal with boys shirts this year has been but I sure have not seen them. Ella was going to a birthday party so she was full on Christmas spirit. We went to Bass Pro this year for the free pictures and they also had games and coloring pages as well as Santa List sheets and mailboxes. The kids played, had their pictures made and mailed off their letters and the best part...FREE! Granted, the pictures were not as good as Opryland Hotel and the Santa wasn't really either but the job is done!