Wednesday, December 2, 2009 a nutshell

Puh, Lofton, Jonathan and Jude went hunting at Pops and Mimi's house

Ella laughed at Jude's gum in the hair trick then karma showed her and she got her hamster wheels stuck in her hair...ha ha.
He thinks he could take that little girl...

but really, he would rather sit on the bench....

with Daddy - at his last game (and with green hair).
Our pumpkin still sits in November - only 1/4 (if even) carved.

Impossible for everyone to look at the same time!

Well, Gabe was not really a fan.

We hit Wal-Mart after Halloween and don't you know, everyone needs a couple of good wigs (or bad wigs, you choose).
So, I did REALLY bad at blogging in November ~ these are basically the highlights. Thanksgiving will deserve its own post!