Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Craftiness

Gabe (Santa Baby) running off with the bag...his favorite part
yes, A CLIPBOARD?! now what do I do with it?

look out, Jude is dangerous with the whip
waiting ever so patiently to turn around...except Gabe, he doesn't follow the rules (and yes, the bag says Happy Birthday...I didn't have one big enough)
finished pillow
stuffing the snake

more stuffing the snake

the final whip

making the whip

I had the idea to have each child make the other two something for Christmas. It seemed great - like they would see how much time goes into making things and they might each appreciate it more or they would be more excited to give their homemade gifts or it would get us in the Christmas Spirit OR it ultimately would beat me standing in the toy aisle - which I hate - while they picked out toys...THREE TIMES. Actually, it ended up being more work for me - finding the craft, getting the supplies and then helping (which meant I did it and they helped) with the execution. In reality, I enjoyed spending time with each of them even though Jude cried over the thought thinking he "would not have the supplies" - I guess Jude is easily stressed out! Anyway, it turned out cute - although I have created a monster with Ella's clipboard. I had to keep Jude's "to do list" today and check things off as they were done while she was in school because I was "in charge" of him today. They have already opened their gifts as we already did our family Christmas since we will be traveling over the next week and a half.


Barber's Blog said...

It looks like they had LOTS of fun!

Carmen said...

Cute clipboard! I am impressed with all of your craftiness.

So, did Gabe get the pillow?