Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or Treat

was Wednesday night. I didn't get that many pictures because it is sort of hard to chase 3 kids in full costume AND take pictures...I had to make sure their white outfits did not get covered in orange icing. However, Jude painted in his today and Ella sat in the orange icing so they are both in the washer as I type. In case you don't know, or I loose my mind one day - Jonathan is Darth Vadar, Ella is Princess Leia , Jude is Luke, I am Queen Amadala and Gabe is Chewy....and I am sure I spelled those wrong.


Jamie said...

Great costumes! Just wish the Barbers could have been there to join in on the Star Wars fun!

Joni said...

I like the queen!
And Gabe is adorable!