Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parties

Jude's mask - that he gave to Ms. Leanne
wrapping Ms. Leanne as a mummy

cute spider web game

blowing paint

Luke Skywalker - he was afraid that his classmates would not know it was him. I assured him that I would tell them if they were confused.
Ella being mummified

Her class

I drug Gabe to Jude's 2.5 hour Halloween party today. Although, Gabe did get 3 sandwiches, some grapes and a cupcake out of so it was not a bad deal. I then dropped Jude and Gabe off with Jonathan and headed to Ella's party. Both parties were a hoot - I really do love Halloween (it is waaaay better than Valentine's Day) so 4.5 hours of party was not too bad.