Friday, October 23, 2009

On the beach and pool - day 1 (that I had my camera)

Four stooges

This is my favorite picture from the beach...Landon, with his snack.

lazy river
She finally caught a wave

Scuba Steve
Waiting patiently
another wave

heading out

so fun, look at that face - he loves it!

Landon and Ella - best buds
Lofton heading out

not sure what happened here

just waiting

more waves
The $10 boogie board was a much bigger hit than anticipated. I should have bought Ella one too. She did get to take a turn every now and then. The boys loved the "surfing". Jude would go out in the morning and say "it's a great day for surfing". Ella and Landon played on the beach and Ella even enjoys being buried (for some reason).


Carmen said...

Thanks for keeping me out of the"surfing" pics.