Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missing my kids!

Jude is in Missouri for the week visiting Mimi and Pops. Aunt Jamie and cousins Camden and Kingston are there too. They have a fun week planned that includes fishing and going to Silver Dollar City as well as baking - and eating.

Gabe is staying with my parents where apparently he likes to nap and loves to eat. He is enjoying his "only child" status there.

Of course, Ella is here with us. She is also enjoying her "only child" status. We have big plans for the whole week too. Monday was pedicures and dinner (also an overdue visit to the pediatrician for the swimmer's ear diagnosis and $102 ear drops). Tuesday, well it got squashed but we will make up for it with Cheesecake Factory and Trader Joe's later this week as well as a haircut and the week ends with Riley's HSM slumber party.

I am behind, waaaay behind in on my blog - somethings I am sure you are dying to see:

Spaghetti Gabe - again
Dress up in our best to pick up the car (Ella's first sick day)
Progress of our caterpillars to butterflies (they have not made it to butterflies yet)
Our finished living room (the only room in the house done - besides the hallway)


Joni said...

Ella is never going to want her brothers back! Sounds like so much fun! (and yes, you have been a blog slacker)