Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of FIRST GRADE!

there she goes

And there are the pictures to prove it. She did great, came home excited and is ready to go. I am so happy that she is happy about school. Today was the first full day and she hopped into the car excited about her day. Nana and Pepaw came down on Monday for her first half day and picked her up and took her out for lunch - they only went until 10:30. She got some new school supplies and is ready to go for the year! Mom did good too - no tears were shed on the outside. I am not going to was hard to watch her walk off but last year was harder.


Joni said...

And I hope dismissal is improved this year!

Derek and Michelle said...

I can't believe you guys start school already! What a big girl! I love her backpack!

hornefamily said...

FIrst grade? Really is she already that old? I am so proud of you.Hope the hook up line is better this year!! I still don't even want to think about "real" school! Hope you all are doing well.