Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Pictures

watching cartoons

Gabe had spaghetti -again

After Lofton's Mimi sent him some boots, Jude had to revisit his boots from the fall...I am thrilled that they still fit and even more thrilled that they look so great with shorts. This time he has added a hat.

Dressing up to go pick up our car that had been in the shop - you always need to look your best.


Barber's Blog said...

You are a brave woman to let Gabe loose on the spaghetti!

Junior said...

I am sooo glad the boots are back for the winter. I know he has been missing them. Does he still wear them on the wrong feet?

hornefamily said...

Don't know why that left you a comment from "Junior" Anyways not a random just Jess.