Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Truth - Justice - The American Way

Jude spent last week Pepaw sitting (sorry Pepaw but you could not have been in better hands). Nana was working while Pepaw was recovering from knee surgery. Jude made sure that Pepaw followed Doctor's orders. On Friday Nana and the boys went to Metropolis - the home of Superman so Jude could visit. Jude wanted Pepaw to hold him up so he could "touch Superman's underwear..."not sure about that one. Anyway, we missed Jude being gone for a whole week. Ella woke up the first day saying she missed him. Apparently they both became very lonely because they both adopted "friends" before the week was over. Jude's was Squirmy the Wormey and Ella's was Catty - The Caterpillar. When he came home Ella ran out to meet him and after a while I heard him saying (to himself) "everyone really missed me".


Derek and Michelle said...

I would touch superman's underwear! Who wouldn't want to do that?