Sunday, April 5, 2009

Egg Hunt take 1

The eager hunters
and the not so eager hunter

group shot

BIG group shot

Courtney and Ella

Bryce sharing his candy with Jude

cheese - Jude and Bryce

Enjoying the fruits of his labor...or the jelly beans

Ella in action

Jude in action

Today kicked off the week long celebration of candy fest...I mean Easter! The kids enjoyed the tireless hunt for candy or eggs this afternoon after a yummy pizza meal at church. It was a beautiful day and Gabe even got to get out of his stroller for a couple of pictures. Ella was also gracious enough to share two of her eggs with him so he would not have an empty bucket.


Jenny said...

I'm loving the easter buckets... I'm guessing you created them?

Amy Griffin said...

I did - but as I made the boys a dark color I should have done the same for Ella because she fell in the mulch on the way in the house and hers is now brown!

hornefamily said...

LOVE how the Easter baskets turned out. So cute.