Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Soccer Game of the Season

High Five
taking a water break

in action


Jude the cheerleader

Ella is playing soccer for the third year. I am happy, no make that THRILLED, to report that we made it through the game with no tears - and by WE, I mean SHE. Ella was a little discouraged that her team did not win and she had to leave the game once for a bathroom break where she voiced her disgust for a teammate scoring for the wrong team. But, at least she only said it to me. She went on to give it her best and her team eventually scored and she was right there with the big high five for her teammate. Once she realized that you did not have to win games to get a trophy, she was happy. If I can only get Jonathan in the "soccer spirit". Jude had a great time cheering Ella on - even when she was on the bench.