Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's in the paper!

Apparently Ella was in the paper a few weeks ago. We were out of town when it came out then the next week was the week Jonathan was in the hospital so I didn't get it. I called the paper and they graciously sent me a copy so I could share it with everyone - but mostly so I could embarrass her when she gets older! She's the one with a sheep on her shoulder. Thanks Amanda, it is a great sheep by the way!


Owings Family said...

How funny!!! I can't believe she put it on her shoulder for the picture! You are going to have too much to choose from to blackmail Ella later!

Carmen said...

I can't believe I missed it. I really have got to start looking at the Browser before tossing it.

Jordan said...

Ella is defintly the most stylish, I like her outfit the best!