Monday, November 17, 2008

Girls night in and boys weekend out

I am first off very sad there are no pictures to go with this post. Jonathan, Phillip, Lofton and Jude went deer hunting in West Plains this weekend. Ella and I stayed at home (Gabe was there too but he just goes along with whatever). I had big plans of things to do with Ella but she came down with strep throat and an ear infection on Tuesday and since I waited to take her to the doctor until Gabe had his 2 month appointment, she didn't have antibiotics until Wednesday. Off the subject...Ella and I spent Friday night in - painting nails, eating pizza, making brownies and watching Enchanted. On Saturday we hit the movies to see Madagascar 2, did a little shopping and then had some lunch. It was a great weekend and would have been even sweeter if Eli had not come down with a stomach virus so him and Amanda were not able to come...hope you guys are feeling better!!! I am sure Pops and Mimi took some pictures that I can put on here later. **edit - the "little" boys did not do any hunting - they played with Mimi, think crafts, cooking and riding around on the 4 wheeler!**


Owings Family said...

Thanks! We are finally better... Jay came down with the stomach bug on Saturday and can I just say "UGH"!!! I'm glad that you were able to salvage the weekend and sounds like you and Ella had a good girls night! Missed yall tons! SOON!