Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last week in pictures

The Birthday Boy
Ella still loves to hold Gabe

My gym

Nerdy little Gabey!

Kids cooking!

Last week was quite hectic. Monday night is kids cook night. We usually make pizzas - which is the picture I included - but this week we actually made quiche. The last time I made it they would not eat it but this week they did! They got to add everything themselves. Mimi and Pops also spent the night on Monday night then came back through White House on Tuesday night and took us to dinner for Jonathan's birthday, which was Thursday. On Wednesday afternoon I took Ella and Jude to My Gym where they had a blast! I also had to take my car to the shop...yes, again - so I was in a "car" which made me realize...I DON'T want a car with three kids!!! Anyway, Thursday I worked and then had to go back and pick up my vehicle. I also worked on Friday and my car battery died in the pick up line at school. Oddly enough it was the day that I got there really early and was in the front of the line. Two hours later and one call to On Star for some roadside assistance and I was on my way! Did I mention the hot water heater AND the heating and a/c unit blew at the rental house as well as the battery back up, light fixture and Brooke's chair monitor at work? We also put up our Christmas tree this year. I will post a picture of that beauty later. On a positive note - I won my battle with Hendersonville Hospital and got my refund PLUS discount..YES!


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WHat is My Gym?