Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Fun with Friends!

On Saturday night our "old" friends Larry, Joni and Reesi came by after a weekend in Indiana to visit. The girls had a great time playing in Ella's room and were so good. We let them party the night away and then tried to let them sleep together. It ended in a few tears around 11:30. In church on Sunday morning Joni noticed that the girls had played beauty shop in Ella's room and apparently added to Ella's "hair collection" which was her first curl from about 9 months old. They both got a bit of a trim which has resulted in Ella loosing any scissor privileges for an undetermined amount of time. Reesi's cut was worse in that she actually gave herself bangs. She might have a career ahead of her as she did a pretty good job. On Sunday afternoon the boys golfed while the girls (and Jude) slept. It was great. They returned home for some grilling with the McConnells, Nesbitts, Harringtons (minus Casey who was flying to Chicago) and the Judkins. The kids were pooped by the time the weekend was over (the adults too). I had to steal Joni's pictures from her blog since I didn't ever take any.