Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Lofton!

Happy, pre-balloon popping
So sad...
The Birthday Boy
Super Girls
Nasty Super Girl

OK, so it has been almost a week since the Superhero party and I am just getting to posting it. It started off with a bang - literally. Carmen had a game planned where the kids got a balloon tied to their ankle and then everyone tries to pop it. The last person with a balloon wins. Sounds simple, right...well the game was very simple except for the fact that lots of kids did not want their balloons popped. It came down to 3 kids: Jude, who wandered aimlessly trying to pop his own balloon at times and having no idea what was going on - Lofton, the birthday boy that was completely uninterested in having his balloon popped therefore held it above his head - and Brett, the winner. Let me sum it up by saying Jude's balloon was popped and he cried for about 15 minutes... He did win the "Pass the Kryptonite Game" though. Of course, the food was wonderful and the kids had a great time. The evening was concluded with Ella covering herself in sand from the volleyball court (see picture). She had to jump in the pool with clothes on and walk home with Jonathan. She didn't complain though. Thanks Lofton and Happy Birthday again!


The Nesbitt's said...

We missed the sand. At college when you left a party early you missed the crazy stuff. I guess the same is true for four year old birthday parties.

Derek and Michelle said...

That is so funny about the balloon popping game. I would think it would be fun but I can see the kids now crying and it makes me laugh.