Friday, June 13, 2008


We are a milk and water house (at least that is what our kids drink). Ella has come down with a case of Hand Foot and Mouth - AGAIN. Dr. Keith told her to get plenty of fluids and it really didn't matter what they were. She is also a little congested so milk is making her cough more and water tastes bad with the sores. SO, Jonathan has been giving her Crystal Light fruit punch in a water bottle. Of course this is a big treat for her so she has been loving it. She has had this mustache for 2 days. Naturally, she does not understand why we are laughing at her.


Owings Family said...

Poor Ella!! I can't believe she's got that again! Her mustache is too cute. At least you can find some humor during this!

Joni said...

I am surprised Reesi hasn't come up with it after being with her on Saturday and Sunday. However, the mustasche is impressive. She had to work on that to get one that large while drinking out of a water bottle.