Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maggie the Dog

Ella is dying for everyone to see the picture of Maggie the dog. Maggie belongs to my brother and he is out of town for a week. He asked my parents to keep her and since my mom was going to be here for several days we headed to Bowling Green on Friday morning to pick her up. As it ended up, Mom had to drive a little farther to get her and dropped the kids and I off at the mall while she made the trip. The only reason that is important is because it sets up how Maggie ended up riding in the front seat while my mom drove my car and I rode in the VERY back with her dog food. Anyway, Maggie was a great house guest and didn't seem to terribly mind the kids being interested in her every move. Ella will be happy that everyone now has seen her picture with Maggie.


Carmen said...

I am surprised that you did not comment on Ella's outfit. It has to be pjs or she picked it out. She looks cute; I am just giving you a hard time! ha ha