Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let the hunting begin!

The Easter celebration began at church this past Sunday with the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Of course to complicate matters a little, I forgot their Easter baskets AND my camera. So, once again, no pictures to go along with the post. Rest assured that there will be more egg hunting and pretty much they all look the same. Ella was pretty upset by the fact that she had nothing to put her candy in. My response of "only keep what you can hold in your hands" did not go over well. We had to clean out her lunch bag to put her loot in it. Jude did the best he could with his little hands until their babysitter and dear friend Audie offered up her pink purse for him to store his goodies. The thought of relinquishing all candy to Audie's purse was not appealing at first. She had to reassure him that she would give it all back. He was happy with that result and filled up her bag. As it turns out I ended up giving all the candy (well, the candy that Jonathan did not want) back to Audie and Jenna! (Don't worry neither child noticed) Jude's party at school was today and Ella's is on Thursday. I did make it to his WITH my camera. I will post pictures and details later.