Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guilty Conscience

Okay, if Ella knew I was posting this for friends and family she would be very sad. But, again, it is a memory for me and when I make my blurb book I want it in there. So here goes - As most know, Ella is learning to spell and read. She keeps several diaries where she practices her words and numbers. She writes things like Mickey Mouse (which she knows by the song), cat, mom, dad and Jude. She is also sounding words out. This morning she had some major guilt and told my mom first thing that she had written something not very nice in her diary and that she was going to scribble it out (Jude had told her to do it, by the way, and she DID not want him to get in trouble). When I got up she also confessed to me the same thing. Yes, she did get in trouble for lying (because Jude does not know the word she used). To sum up a long story her diary read "Jude is stooped". It also had a drawing of Jude. I will try to scan it in so all can see. I must say as I was sad that she would call her brother stupid, she did do a good job of trying to spell it!


joyof3boys said...

Isn't this what diaries are for! I must say that I am so proud of her for coming clean, but if she would have used the Hello Kitty "diarhhea" that Puh got her then noone would have had to know about her venting!

Joni said...

That's adorable. Let't hope the honesty will stay with her through her teens.