Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day

Ella and Jude both LOVE Valentine's Day and had a great time sharing valentines with friends. The day began with us running late becaues we took 3 dozen heartshaped doughnuts to school for their teachers to enjoy. Ella had a big party with heart shaped pizzas and Jude had a much lower key McDonald's fiesta with his friends. They both got more candy than at Halloween. After their naps at school they were off to Nana and Pepaw's for the weekend so that I could go to Winterfest and Jonathan could have a bachelor's weekend. Last night was the end of Valentine's Day. I let them go through their prizes one last time before trashing them when they went to bed! It was a great holiday for little people.


Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you are not huge pregnant and I missed it. I didn't even notice this weekend so then I felt bad if you were 8 months pregnant and I didn't say anything! Are you feeling OK?

Owings Family said...

Tell Ella I love the cowgirl boots and her Valentines heart dress! Sounds like yall had a good Valentines day filled with lots of sugar!!! That is so unlike you!