Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best of White House

Hey all, the time is here again to vote for our local paper "best of White House". Last year Jonathan won second place for best dentist. Of course I really don't need to mention that the first place winner had all of their patients fill out a ballot in office and they wore t-shirts that said vote for us.... Anyway for those that want to vote here is the website. Also, vote for Ella and Jude's preschool which won 1st place last year for best day care - WHCA Preschool! THANKS!!!


Jordan said...

Done! Scary part was that I knew of place but didn't know the names!

Owings Family said...

HA! Jonathan is in my top 3 dentists in TN! Jay is of course 1st place, with Jonathan and Mark tied for 2nd! Hope you're feeling better. Showers were great! I still need a cute diaper bag. Know where I can find one? :)

Carmen said...

Ok! Who says we can't stoop to the same level as you know who did last year? Let's design a shirt today.