Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If You Give A Pig A Party!!

Ella and Jude went to Nana and Pepaw's house last Thursday night. On Friday they had a very exciting day of going to see a play of If You Give a Pig a Party! They could not agree on the location for lunch so Pepaw decided a compromise of going to Chuck E Cheese to play (Jude's favorite) and eating lunch at Wendy's (not really Ella's favorite but not what Jude wanted so sounded good to her). I think all parties ended up being happy with the choice. They did get to see a little snow - so Jude says. Of course they had their milkshakes while they were there. They came home yesterday and both took a 3 hour nap. We also had to wake them up this morning at 7:45 which we NEVER, ever do! Needless to say I think they spent their weekend partying instead of sleeping.