Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jude News

Well, I had a very exciting post and picture to go with Jude and his big success of #2 on the potty - 5 times in a row actually....impressive really. He was very excited to receive a Spiderman toothbrush out of the deal. However, it was trumped by the onset of a stomach virus later into the night and then yesterday he scared his Mimi, Pops, Mom and Dad very much by having a febrile seizure. I was completely unfamiliar with this but apparently it happens to about 1 in every 25 young children, is hereditary and as the name suggests is brought on by a quick change in body temperature. Of course it does not feel normal as a parent (or grandparent, I am sure) to see it happen. Luckily for me I was not there and he was in great hands with Mimi and Pops. They called 911 and he was checked out and determined that he was okay. His pediatrician also reassured us that it was common and due to body temperature change. Nana and Pepaw quickly made the drive from Mayfield to White House to see for themselves that he was fine. By 5:00 that evening he was outside taking a ride in the Barbie Jeep and running around chasing a ball. God received many prayers for that little turkey yesterday!


The Nesbitt's said...

Scare! Nothing like a tramatic incident to mess up the potty training.