Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Extended Weekend

I have pictures to document our long weekend road trip but will have to put them on later. It began after a long week of the stomach virus. We left out on Wednesday afternoon and about an hour and a half down the road I heard " I think I dookied my pants" from the potty-trained child in the backseat. That is never a good sign. We stopped at a rest stop to fix everything then headed on to Memphis. A brief pit stop at Graceland, a bag of Skittles later and we were headed off to Little Rock where we stayed the night with Kevin. Ella had a great time staying up late, playing with the dog Emma and watching Food Network learning exactly what cheeseburger fries were made of (garbage according to her). The next morning we headed on out for Branson where once again the dookie pants phrase was uttered....she was right - again. We did arrive in Branson where we met up with Mimi, Pops, Jamie, Chris and Kingston for a fun and ice cream filled afternoon of shopping. We then hit the Branson Belle for a little dinner show (which the kids - adults too - really liked). We stayed in a great cabin there and the next morning hit Silver Dollar City where the adults discovered that we do not have iron clad stomachs as we once did and a few little rides can make you feel like you have the stomach virus all over again. The kids had a great time riding every animal ride they had to offer - over and over again. Thankfully, the rides did not induce the dookie effect. We did the Butterfly Palace the next morning and a little more shopping that afternoon before heading back towards Little Rock that evening where we stayed the night with Lindsay. We had dinner at Izzy's in Little Rock and the kids scored free t-shirts from the owner for us to take their picture and send it back to him for the "wall of fame" in the restaurant (they were so tired from our trip they were being good). Ella received a much needed pedicure and manicure from Aunt Lindsay and the next day it was back to White House. Now we need a nap!