Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby Girl - and elevator rules all parents should know

We took a very exciting trip down to Bapist Hospital on Sunday afternoon to meet our friends Mark and Jessica's new baby girl. (Which I still have not gotten word on the name yet - for sure.) She is beautiful. Ella was thrilled with someone "finally" having a girl because "I like girls." Jude gave her one "awww" and was off wooing the nurses in the hallway. We loaded on the elevator and headed to the 3rd floor (from the 7th) parking garage. Jonathan had Jude and apparently that left me in charge of Ella. I got off the elevator and as I entered the garage turned around to get her hand. She was not there but it only took a second - and about three paniked screams from Ella - to realize she was still in the elevator with the door shut. I hit the button and she came out but through the crying we had to establish "Elevator Rules". If, by chance, you get shut in an elevator alone, DO NOT GET OUT! Not really something we had thought of before.....