Saturday, January 16, 2010

What we have been doing....

Apparently Gabe is not happy about My Special Day....
Barnyard instead of cake.

How yummy....and they came with a bow - I didn't really wear it out.

besides being sick. I think I lost a week of my life....or two. The first was dedicated to the stomach virus then somewhere along the way Gabe never got over his and ended up with an ear infection and bronchitis as well as being dehydrated. He went for his "well" visit on Monday - which I moved up a day because he was still throwing up. His weight was 20 pounds which left him in the 3rd percentile. They didn't give him his shots because he won the "sickest kid of they day award" and so I had to take him to Vanderbilt for a chest xray...cost yet to be determined but I am not looking forward to that! Anyway, 3 days of visiting Dr. Keith and Gabe is on the mend...he played outside today so we may be back this week. He actually does have an appointment with an ENT on Friday.

So, back to turning 34...that is what else we have been doing - or I have been doing. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that make me actually think birthdays (without the wrinkles) are fun! Thanks everyone for the phone calls, cards, chocolate covered strawberries, gifts and barnyards...all appreciated!

Also, we have recently started quite a few projects around the house. We have finally gotten to the kids rooms...Jessica has graciously helped me with that - again, appreciated...but I have a long road with painting furniture and walls (neither which I am good at). I started this afternoon with the priming after Jonathan did the to come.


csandlin said...

can't wait to see your house this summer, we'll have to come and help you put that pool to good use!