Saturday, January 9, 2010

"real" snow!

After the first tease of snow, we finally got the real deal. I am sure it would have been a blast to play in. I have seen some great pictures of sledding (I actually bought one last year that we have never used). However, any thought we had of playing in the snow was crushed by the stomach bug that came crashing down on us Thursday night. Jude started the trend around midnight with me then Ella following about 30 minutes later. It was a bad, bad scene from a movie. I have been sick before but I cannot remember the last time I felt this bad. I won't go into any more detail but be thankful there are no pictures. Jonathan was the only one "spared" and I say that only because he did run a fever and felt "bad" for about an hour..."bad" does not describe the rest of us. When I got up this morning - from 13 hours of sleep - he said "why were you wearing a robe - backwards - over your pjs last night" was my attempt to stay warm - a pitiful homemade Snuggie, I guess.


Barber's Blog said...

So sorry! Hope everyone is doing better now.

csandlin said...

Girl, I have sooo been there, it is absolutely terrible, I could not function at all, that is not an understatement and it sounds like you were in the same boat, soo sorry, wish I could bring you soup!