Monday, July 20, 2009

On the road to recovery

The tonsil removal was last Wednesday and until about Saturday I would have told you how horrible it was. However, I am beginning to see the "light" and can now say that she is doing well! I am excited at the idea of no strep throat, sore throat and sleeping better. Ella still wishes she never would have had them out but I am also hoping that memory for her will fade! Thanks for all the prayers, cards, gifts (who knew you got so many presents when you had your tonsils out) and phone was appreciated.


Jenny said...

The first few days are the worst, but it really makes the hugest difference once everything is healed. Lauren had hers out last year, and she hasn't had any problems since. I hope she (and you) are recovered soon!

Cato House said...

Hey There! I haven't been by in a while. I cannot believe that the baby is so close to his first birthday! My, how time flies. Hope you are well!