Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Jude!

On June 30th Jude turned 4. We were in the middle of moving and things were crazy. Actually, we spend the first night in the new house on th 29th so he woke up in his new house on his birthday. We met Mimi and Pops at Cracker Barrell for some birthday breakfast. The day was capped off with Chuck E Cheese (a Jude favorite)!

Here are Ten Things about Jude:

1.) He is great at working puzzles. (see other post)
2.) He can count to 100 (even count by 10s to 100) but he leaves out 13 every time.
3.) He is great at entertaining babies - but does NOT like to hear them cry.
4.) He's good at sharing.
5.) He is very loving and not a day passes that he does not tell me that he loves me (and the whole family).
6.) He does NOT like getting his hair cut.
7.) He loves salad and will eat most things.
8.) Some of his favorite phrases are "I need to ask you something" "I need to tell you something" or he just says your name over and over until you say "yes Jude".
9.) He has learned to swim - or is learning to swim....which is a huge improvement over his sinking routine over the past 4 years!
10.) He is fun to be around but can be very quiet. I always say that he will be the one we accidentally leave in a rest stop bathroom.
Happy Birthday Jude - We love you!