Friday, May 22, 2009

Soccer, Camping and Loosing TWO Teeth

Literally "hanging out" on the bench
Just being a little bossy!

she's meditating in the middle of the field

look at that face

Thank you Puh, Carmen, Lofton and Landon for the necklace

look at those things!



the great outdoors

Yesterday was not only the last day of Kindergarten but it was also all of those things in the title. Mimi and Pops bought Jude a tent for his birthday (not until June 30) that Jonathan and the kids had set up in the yard yesterday. They were dying to sleep in it, so they did...but that is the end of this story....As we were leaving work, Jonathan and Ella decided they needed to pull two more teeth so she got hooked up to the gas and he shucked them out. Afterward, it was soccer. She was still numb for a little bit but I think it went away pretty quickly. They played a team of all boys that were pretty rough. Ella was scrappier than ever - those boys were not going to push her around. I have never seen her so aggressive playing soccer. The only problem was when she grabbed a boy by his shirt and put him on the ground. She had to be reminded of the "no hands rule". Other than than, all was well. We took her by Wendy's (her choice), watched her Kindergarten video, built a fire, made some Smore's and they slept in the tent....THEY slept in the tent. Gabe and I stayed indoors....Everyone was up by 5:30 though. On a side note, the tooth fairy forgot to get her teeth and leave money....she apparently came sometime this morning though :)!


Joni said...

Sounds like fun; and one of the perks of having a baby is you get to sleep inside!