Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keep Your Eyes on the Grand Old Flag!

Pre-program picture opportunity~

Jude had his end of the Turtle year program last night. The list of songs included You're a Grand Old Flag, I'm Very Special, Friends, Come and Go With Me, Days of the Week, Days of the Week - Spanish and my favorite...Turtle Rock. Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Demerist did a great job teaching them the songs and keeping them in line! Jude spent most of his time waving but did a nice job singing too. He got to take gum (new gum) to all of his friends today since he shared his gum on the playground yesterday with his friend Josh - you know the ABC kind of gum....(Already Been Chewed for those that need it spelled out)
In his class this year were Emma Atkinson, Olivia Chaffin, Isaiah Dunn, Annelyse Gilliland, Bryce Hill, Maci McDonald, Jessica Shaffhouser, Jackson Starks and Joshua Walker (or Joshy)


Carmen said...

He was so cute. You could hear him really well. The little girl beside him was quite the entertainer. Wish we could've made it to see the slide show, but the boys were starving.