Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas #2

When we arrived in KY we had to quickly make some cookies for Santa then out to Uncle Kim and Aunt Brenda's for a pre-Christmas dinner with Josh, Mrs. Needham, Uncle Joe, Carla, Nana and Pepaw. We came back to Nana and Pepaw's house where we quickly got into bed so we could be asleep for Santa. I came back downstairs and realized that we had forgotten our cookies for Santa as well as our reindeer food! We had to get the kids out of bed to get ready for Santa. They got back in bed and we had our wrapping frenzy. They did not get up until 7 on Christmas morning but were ready to check out Santa's gifts. I will post pictures later but one of the adult's favorites was Jude's Hungry Hungry Hippo game. I am proud to say that I am the reigning Hungry Hippo Champion (today). We Christmased again with Mrs. Needham, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Kim - as well as our household. It has been great Christmas filled with activity. The 4 dogs and 2 kids have helped with the activity level! I hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well!!! We are still waiting for the arrival of Aunt Lindsay to do it all again!!!


The Nesbitt's said...

Sounds like crazy Christmas times. I keep checking for the pictures!