Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bachelor Jude sweeps Vanderbilt

Jude's MRI went great this morning. We went to Target and picked out a toy then off to Vanderbilt. The staff was wonderful. They gave Jude crayons and let him color all over the sheets. While he was drawing a Christmas tree and Rudolph with a nurse another nurse put in his IV. He looked a little confused but kept drawing and no tears. Jonathan held him in the MRI room while they put the meds in his IV - again a bit confused but right off to sleep. It took about 45 mins. We went back in to wake him up and a nurse said "Jude, are you ready to go home?" His response was a very groggy "No, I want to go to McDonalds!" After that we knew he was fine. He downed a pack of cookies and water and we hit the road to McDonalds. They should have the results in 2 days. Thanks for all the prayers - this being over is a big relief. Also Jude left there with about 6 girlfriends. One nurse had him promise to call her in 30 years.